Humulene. Humulene has piqued the interest of medical researchers due to its ability to impart energizing, uplifting effects when paired with CBD to treat mood and anxiety disorders. Humulene can be found in hops, and shares its distinctive aroma.



For product development and formulations Add to concentrates, edibles, topicals, etc. Maximize the “entourage effect” The Effects of Cannabis Terpene Humulene: Final Notes. It might be surprising to find out that the very effectiveness of many of the herbal medicines used from ancient through modern times is greatly due to the Humulene content. In ancient Chinese apothecaries, remedies were notably high in Humulene. Humulene. Humulene is the characteristic terpene of hops, Humulus lupulus, but it is also found in cannabis, sage, and ginseng.

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Each one has its own unique flavor and benefits. Myrcene, for example, is associated with sedative effects, and limonene smells very similar to lemons (which can be invigorating). Another terpene, called humulene, is undergoing research for its effects on inflammation and its potential to be used as an appetite suppressant. The terpene has been shown to demonstrate anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor properties. Perhaps the most significant effect of humulene is its antitumor activity, considering the massive occurrence of cancer in the world today.

HUMULENE - Humulene is the first terpene found in hops and its aroma is made up of 0.5% of this terpene are usually indicas, packed full of sedative effects.

16 Jan 2020 So it comes as soms surprise that research indicates humulene has a role to play in helping us regulate our appetites. In addition, studies indicate  alpha-humulene Use: Looking for alpha humulene in essential oils? PubMed:Effect of individual terpenes on consumption of alfalfa pellets by sheep.


Humulene terpene effects

2020-06-25 · Not only do we have humulene to thank for beer, but this terpene also contains a host of therapeutic values including properties known to target cancer. A study from 2007 titled “ Anti-inflammatory Effects of Compounds Alpha-humulene and Trans-caryophyllene ” published by the European Journal of Pharmacology found that alpha-humulene prevented tumor growth in rats. Humulene can help with weight loss: Like other terpenes and compounds in cannabis, humulene can affect the appetite. But humulene doesn’t stimulate the appetite and satiety pathway. Instead, this terpene appears to suppress activity in that pathway, so that there’s less desire to eat. We can see that some terpene profiles, together with suitable cannabinoid rates, are more effective for patients than other similar varieties.

Humulene terpene effects

These terpenes might be able to reduce one’s appetite, especially when combined with beta-caryophyllene. Bacteria. There is some good research involving this terpene’s effects on Staphylococcus aureus. Humulene is currently being studied for its weight-loss potential.
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Humulene terpene effects

Not only is humulene an effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic,  terpene-enriched cannabinoid compositions with enhanced therapeutic effect 229930009389 Humulene Natural products 0.000 claims description 40  Many people believe terpenes impact how a particular strain or product Humulene is a terpene that is found not only in cannabis, but also in basil, hops, and  Learn what some of the most common terpenes are and how they impact your high. Notably, high levels of humulene can be found in strains like Girl Scout  It often conveys the smell of beer hops (depending on the other terpenes present) .

This terpene was found to have a sedating effect upon inhalation in a mouse study. 17 Apr 2020 Four terpenes, varying in amounts in C. sativa, were chosen for screening: linalool and a‐humulene (med‐high), b‐pinene (low‐med), and  14 Feb 2020 Humulene is an important cannabis terpene.
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Check out our very first Terpene Tuesday post to learn more about the medicinal effects of terpenes! Some of the benefits of humulene include: 2016-05-25 2016-02-17 Today we talk about the terpene humulene. Humulene is an extremely neat terpene, especially for the fact that it relates so close to caryophyllene yet has di 2020-10-22 2018-10-10 2020-03-30 2019-10-02 2019-10-04 Humulene emits a slightly bitter, woody aroma that is often reminiscent of hops with an effect of relaxation. For product development and formulations Add to concentrates, edibles, topicals, etc.